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Embed a PDF viewer in your Wix website with CloudPDF

First, if you didn't create an account yet, create your free trial account on the CloudPDF website. After registration you can upload, store, secure and track your PDF files in the CloudPDF dashboard.

  1. Click on the new button and upload your first PDF file to CloudPDF.
Upload a PDF file to CloudPDF
  1. After the PDF is successfully uploaded, right-click on the file to open the context menu. Click on the Embed in website button.
Right click on PDF document in the CloudPDF dashboard
  1. Now click on the change permission button and make the document public.
Embed tab on the CloudPDF website
  1. Toggle the publicly accessible button. This will make the PDF document visible to every visitor on your website.
Change permissions inside CloudPDF
  1. Copy the HTML snippet. You will use this snippet to display the uploaded PDF document on your Wix website.
Copy the code CloudPDF snippet
  1. Now open your Wix editor and click on the embed element.
  2. Select HTML Embed option inside Embed Code section.
Embed HTML inside Wix
  1. Paste the HTML snippets you have copied from the CloudPDF dashboard here. Click on the update button.
Add the CloudPDF viewer to the Wix HTML settings
  1. You will see that the CloudPDF viewer is ready to use.
CloudPDF viewer

You can customize the CloudPDF viewer by editing the config option inside the HTML code. Here you can see, I have added a new red theme color and enabled the app bar color.

Edit the CloudPDF viewer inside Wix HTML settings

This is the result you can get after you made these changes.

CloudPDF viewer with red theme color