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Embed a PDF viewer in your Leadpages website with CloudPDF

We will walk through a few simple steps to embed the CloudPDF viewer in your Leadpages website. If you didn't create a CloudPDF account yet, you can start by creating an account.

  1. When you are in your CloudPDF dashboard click on the "new" button and upload your first PDF file.
  1. After the PDF is successfully uploaded, right-click on the file to open the context menu. Click on the Embed in website button.
  1. Now click on the change permission button and make the document public.
  1. Toggle the publicly accessible button. This will make the PDF document visible to the visitors on your website.
  1. Copy the HTML snippet. You will use this snippet to display the uploaded PDF document on your Shopify store.
  1. Log back into your Leadpages website and click the pencil icon on the page where you want to add the PDF viewer.
  2. On the sidebar select "Widgets" and drag the "HTML" widget to the place where you want the CloudPDF viewer to show up
  1. Double click on the new section that you have created
  1. Paste the CloudPDF snippet into the text box on the popup
  1. Click the preview button and you will see that the PDF viewer is embedded in your website
  1. Now you can click "Publish" and the website will be live and ready to receive visitors